Ariel Hot Anilos

Nov 28

The stunning Ms. Ariel, our newest addition to Anilos, is too sexy for words in this white little dress. She’s a classy, mature woman – she’s even got the pearl necklace to prove it! We can definitely appreciate a lady with a bit of elegance, and that’s exactly what Ariel has. "I love dressing up! I love going out with my husband to his business dinners and parties. He hates them, so I always make sure to wear something special underneath my dress, to cheer him up as soon as we get home… A little bit of lingerie can go a long way!" When Ariel takes her dress off to give us a better idea of what she means, we immediately agree – we’d do just about anything if this was promised as a reward for after! Ariel’s cream colored baby doll chamise hugs her body in all the right places, and the matching garter belt screams sexy. She lets her straps fall down, off her bare shoulders, so that we get a peak at her large, natural breasts and dark, hard nipples"Tits and ass! Of course, they’re my favorite features! How could they not be!" is what Ariel told us earlier while we asked about what she liked most about her body. She turns around, pulls her thong down to her thighs, and bends over – giving us a perfect view! Her legs are spread about just wide enough to give us a beautiful view of her juicy pussy as she plays with it, spreading it apart at first then stroking and massaging it right afterwards. Her legs are so long, and her sexy white heels show them off even more. Imagine if all mom’s looked like this? She turns around, gives us a seductive stare, and sits down again – this time, opening her legs and leaving her big tits out and exposed for us. We cannot get enough of our sexy little UK vixen, but who could! To see more of this MILF and many other sexy mature women check out®

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